How Do Your Interactive Quizzes Work?

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 02:51PM EDT

Every lesson in our K-8 math curriculum includes interactive practice items. These items go beyond multiple-choice questions and ask students to drag-and-drop, draw lines on graphs, plot points on coordinate planes, balance equations, and answer open-ended questions. They help students interact with the math and help you better measure their understanding.

We know that many people like to see student data from these assigned quizzes. To see how students performed on these quizzes:

  1. Navigate to "Assignments" in the top right menu.
  2. Click on the assignment you'd like to review.
  3. Click on either "Who viewed this" or the "Reports" tab. Note that the reports tab will only be visible if students have completed the quizzes.
  4. On the "Reports" tab, you will see student responses as soon as students finish the quiz. To view students' specific answers as well as correct responses to quiz questions, click on "Preview" under "Score".


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