Why Should I Use LearnZillion ELA content?

Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 01:41PM EDT

LearnZillion’s close reading lessons are designed to help teachers achieve the depth of the Common Core State Standards in literacy. The lessons offer everything teachers need to implement a five-day close reading of a text including the anchor text, sequenced text-dependent questions, teaching notes, a culminating writing task, and intervention videos (comprehension skills video) to differentiate based on student performance.

The materials allow teachers to turn to critical decisions about implementation (such as grouping of students), allowing them to adapt the lessons to fit the needs of their individual classroom. The teacher facilitates exploration of the text and employs direct instruction, modeling, and think-aloud to develop student thinking skills. 

LearnZillion’s emphasis on close reading is rooted in Common Core Anchor Standards 1 and 10, which expect textual evidence, logical inferences, and independence in reading and discussing literary and informational texts. Together, these standards ask teachers to equip students with the skills to independently use comprehension skills while reading along with an increasing ladder of text complexity.

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