What's In A Close Reading Unit?

Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017 10:53AM EDT

Each LearnZillion close reading unit is a 5-day sequence of lesson plans, which begin with an overview video introducing and analyzing the text and its vocabulary.

The lessons are comprised of a sequenced series of text-dependent questions. On any given day, the first two to five questions (“supporting questions”) scaffold towards a “focus question” that guides students toward the big takeaway, theme, or central idea of the text. Focus questions require students to create an independent “product,” like writing or completion of a graphic organizer or chart that can be used as a formative assessment. The first four days scaffold towards a culminating writing task on Day 5, and each day’s lessons include teacher’s notes to support implementation.

Every unit also provides 5 “comprehension skill videos” (one for each focus question) that offer direct instruction intervention follow-up lessons for students struggling with the skills needed to answer the daily focus question — presenting another opportunity to differentiate using LearnZillion.

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