What is Guidebooks?

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019 01:39PM EDT

In addition to LearnZillion close reading lessons, the site offers Guidebooks 2.0 to all users. Guidebooks 2.0 were developed in collaboration with the Louisiana Department of Education and provide ELA content for grades 3-12. The units range thematically from politics (American Revolution), to sacrifice and love (Romeo & Juliet).

Within Guidebooks 2.0, teachers will find teaching notes, presentation slides, and even exemplar student responses to close read tasks. Each unit includes standards overviews, text access pages, and assessment overviews to prepare teachers for instructing on the given texts. Here about the impact of Guidebooks from 4th grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher Leslie Vine in this video from the LDOE.

While they provide a great foundation for ELA instruction, Guidebooks — like other LearnZillion materials — do not function as scripts. They can be taught in various orders and should fit each classroom’s needs.

Read about Guidebooks 2.0 in Education Week here.

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