How do I assign, share, and grade a lesson?

Last Updated: Jun 21, 2018 12:45PM EDT

The “Assign” feature is a flexible, easy way to assign videos and lesson materials to students, parents, and colleagues. It’s great for small groups and on-the-fly sharing in class. Follow the directions below to learn how to assign a lesson.

Step 1: Teacher Assigns the Lesson

1. Log in to your teacher account.

2. Click on any Lesson available within our resources.

3. Select the pink “Quick Assign” button in the top right-hand corner, next to the lesson title. The LearnZillion Code and assignment URL will appear.

4. You can either copy the LearnZillion Code OR the assignment URL and share it with students, or you can directly assign it to your students - by class or individually.

Share the LZ Code or Link:

Assign directly to students or classes:

Step 2: Students View the Lesson

1. Go to

2. Access the assignment by entering the LearnZillion Code into the Search Bar. Students will be prompted to log in. If students do not have a LearnZillion account, they can still access the assignment using the "Log in as a guest" option.

3. If an assignment has been directly assigned to students, they can log into their accounts and view all of their active assignments right on the landing page.

Step 3: Teachers Monitor Assignments

1. Navigate to "Assignments” on the top right menu next to your name.

2. Select the assignment you want to view.

3. Choose the “Who viewed this” tab to see who viewed your assignment. This list of names will include students logged in on your roster and visitors who were not logged in.

4. Click “Reports” to see who completed your assignment.
5. Click the percentage under "Score" to see student response and the answer keys.

6. When all of your students have submitted their assignments, click the "Close" button on the reports page to prevent your students from editing their answers.

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