Grading items that need to be manually scored

Last Updated: May 11, 2018 01:54PM EDT
For assessment items that don’t automatically get graded (for example, essays or audio recordings), you have the ability to manually grade these items and those scores will update the scores for that student.
  1. From an assignment, click on the “report” tab.
  2. You will be able to preview how students are doing by clicking "preview". The reports will show if any items need to be manually graded.
  3. When the assignment is ready to be graded, click on "close to grade"
  4. For any students that need grading, click on the score for that student
  5. A modal will appear with all the student’s responses. The items that require one or more questions to grade will be expanded
  6. If available, you will also see a link to scoring guidance which will provide additional information on how to grade the item (such as a rubric)
  7. Grade the items that need graded by entering a score and click “Save”
  8. You’ll see the updated scores appear in the report
  9. Continue for each student that has items that need manually graded.

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